Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Spousal / Children / Adoption / Parent / Grandparent / Orphan

Visitor Visa and Super Visa

Visitor Visa and Super Visa

Come to Canada Temporarily

Students / Temporary Workers

Study or Work in Canada

Business Immigration

Business PNP / Self Employed / Farm

Special and Problem Cases

Deportation Order, Inadmissibility, Visa Rejection, Criminal Record, Complex Cases

Employers and LMIA

Hiring Foreign Workers


Refugees / Person in Need of Protection

Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers

Express Entry and PNP / Express Entry

Vancouver Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants – Who we are

We are a full service immigration and business consulting firm in which we assess the best possible way for our client to immigrate to Canada. Our services also includes assisting in the application processing and overcoming difficulties when one arises. We also assist and represent clients in the event of serious immigration problems. For employers, we also assist in the processing of the LMIA and searching for the foreign skilled worker especially in the manufacturing sector. Also, with our extensive business experience, we also offer business consulting for new business immigrants such as business set up and business referrals to improve your chance of business success in Canada.