Vancouver Immigration Advisor Announces Relaxed Rules for Medical Conditions

As a team of  Vancouver immigration advisors, Racer Immigration knows that immigrating to Canada can be challenging, sometimes for reasons beyond an applicant’s control. Once upon a time, pre-existing medical issues were more or less automatic disqualification, but that’s about to change.

The Liberal government has announced that it will be loosening the rules that have made prospective immigrants inadmissible on medical grounds, although they are not removing the legislation entirely.  

These rules have been in place for more than forty years and have been called “way out of date” by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, and are not in line with Canadian values or policies of inclusion for citizenship.

The revisions include not barring entry due to children with developmental delays, special education requirements or hearing/visual impairments. The current health-care cost threshold will be tripled. This should allow at least 75% of the thousand or so people previously rejected for entry on medical grounds.

While the eventual goal is to remove the medical inadmissibility policy entirely, it seems that won’t happen until more consultations have occurred. Though some have criticized  the changes as minor tweaks, it is still  a positive step towards fair inclusion.

Anyone considering immigration to Canada should consider working with an experienced Canadian immigration consultant. Policies are always changing, but an experienced consultant will be able to provide advice on how to strengthen an application and avoid major pitfalls.  Contact (778) 688-4848 to learn more.

Canadian Immigration Firm Shares Details of the AIPP

As a group of  Canadian Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration know there’s more than one way to immigrate to Canada.

Just because an application doesn’t meet the requirements of the Invitation to Apply (ITA), doesn’t mean the Canadian dream is dead. There are places and provinces that want and need new people—and they have instituted programs to get them. In this case, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) aims to make the Maritime provinces more attractive to prospective immigrants.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is a 3-year program aimed at bringing in as many as 7000 immigrants to Canada’s Maritime Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador).

The program offers a number of advantages. For example, the required  employment skill level is lower. In this case, job training or a high school education is sufficient. Work experience is not a requirement either, so long as applicants complete a 2-year school program at a publically funded institution in Atlantic Canada.

The language requirement is also lower compared to ITA requirements.  Basic language requirements of CLB 4 in speaking, listening, reading, and writing are enough to meet application requirements.

Finally, AIPP aims to help newcomers with a unique plan designed to help them adapt to life in Canada. This include referrals to community resources, help in locating housing and transportation, and assistance in enrolling for essential public services (health cards, SIN numbers, child tax benefits).

As a full-service Canadian Immigration Firm, Racer Immigration offers consulting services to individuals who want to immigrate or bring family members to Canada.

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New Survey Show Canadian Exceptionalism to Newcomers

As a full-service immigration and business consulting firm, the team at Racer Immigration assess the best possible way for people to legally immigrate to Canada. With services that range from application assistance to troubleshooting, they provide assistance to both families and businesses looking to bring people to Canada. As a matter of course, team members have to stay up to date with laws and trends. And new research by the Environics Institute offers some good news to prospective Canadians.

In light of the news and social media, it’s clear that many countries are harbouring a growing anti-immigration stance. Many European countries and the United States have made headlines with their verbal vitriol and biased policies.

But while Canada is no stranger to bigotry and discrimination, there is much to feel positive about as well. A study by the Environics Institute has shown that overall Canadian attitudes towards immigration are largely positive, a trend that hasn’t changed over the last thirty years. Even more notably, Canada stands out in terms of the satisfaction and happiness immigrants themselves report. This is a feeling that’s shared in the 2018 World Happiness Report, where Canadian immigrants’ feelings about their “subjective well-being” ranked seventh out of 156 countries.

Despite what may be heard online, sixty percent of Canadians disagree that immigration levels are too high, and only thirty-five percent agree. Eighty percent agree that their impact on the economy is a positive one.

If you or someone you love is looking to move to Canada, contact Racer Immigration at (778) 688-4848.

Canada Still a Welcoming Place for Immigrants

Last year, the Liberal Government solidified Canada’s reputation as a country welcoming to immigrants. But while immigration remains an integral part of Canada’s future, there is still an official process that must be followed.

As Canadian Immigration Consultants, Racer Immigration helps prospective immigrants interested in becoming permanent residents navigate this process. Even if there are unusual circumstances or other problems that might interfere with an application, they can help you overcome them.

Last year, the government announced a three-year plan for increasing the number of permanent residents coming into the country, up to 340,000 a year by 2020. And it’s the highest the number has been in almost a century.

These increases are likely to continue long into the future, as Canada seeks to address the issues of an ageing population and decreased fertility, and support the economy better by responding to the country’s labour market needs.

Skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada should find it easier to do so now, and those already here as temporary foreign workers or international students should also find it easier to apply for permanent residency. Given that a fifth of our population is composed of immigrants, its current strategy symbolizes the value and importance it places on immigration to give them an advantage in the economy.

This is a great time to apply for permanent residency, so contact Racer Immigration today. As a team of certified immigration consultants, Racer Immigration provides expert consulting and advice for people around the world. Contact (778) 688-4848 to learn more.

Problem Cases When Immigrating to Canada

Many people dream of immigrating to Canada, but a criminal record—even one issued long ago in a different country—can seriously impede the process of immigrating to Canada. As a team of Vancouver immigration consultants, Racer Immigration understands the potential pitfalls facing prospective immigrants–and how to best handle them.

Some of the more common immigration issues include DUIs (driving under the influence) and other criminal issues like drug use.

An experienced Canadian Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration can help applicants navigate many potential issues when applying for permanent residence. For example, having a DUI can make for a tricky application, but it’s not the end of the road. Just remember, there’s no presumption of innocence when it comes to immigration.

It may be possible to overcome an inadmissibility issue through a process called Criminal Rehabilitation. This process takes about twelve months, and should be complete approximately five years before an application is submitted. However, upon completion, it’s possible to apply as though there  is no record at all.

Given the long wait Criminal Rehabilitation, another option may be considered. A Temporary Resident Permit allows someone with a criminal record to enter the country for up to three years—if there is a valid reason for entry. However, this is a temporary measure, and there may not be enough time to gain eligibility for permanent immigration through another channel, such as family sponsorship. In most instances, Criminal Rehabilitation is the best choice.

It’s possible that a convicted applicant to be considered if the crime was minor and more than ten years since the sentence and/or probation has passed.

The process for immigrating to Canada, or any country, is always multi-layered and complex.  Any mistakes while trying to self-navigate can jeopardise the process. That’s why it’s important to consult with someone who understands the system and can help applicants avert potential problems.

As a Vancouver-based team of immigration consultants, everyone at Racer Immigration provides one-on-one individualized attention.  With proven ability to help prospective Canadian residents, they are a resource for those who have special needs when applying for permanent residence.

To learn more about how Racer Boxes can assist applicants interested in permanent residency in Canada, call (778) 688-4848 or through email at

Canadian Immigration Consultants Discuss Age of Dependency

As Canadian Immigration Consultants, the team members at Racer Immigration understand that age is a major factor when applying for permanent residence, particularly if children are involved.

When the Conservative Government was in power in 2014, the age for dependent children was lowered to 18. However, the Liberal Government restored the age of dependency to 22 as of October 24, 2017. What this means is that children up to the age of 22 can once again be included in their parent’s applications for permanent residence in Canada.

This was one of the Liberal Government’s major campaign promises. Previously, children over 18 had to apply for permanent residence on their own merit. And the potential for being separated discouraged many families from considering a future in Canada.

In fact, the Regulatory Impact Assessment Statement (RIAS) noted that “when families are able to remain together as an economic household unit, their integration into Canada and their ability to work and contribute to their communities improves.”

The reasoning behind the rule reversal was that the Liberal Government felt that encouraging families to come to Canada would encourage the economic and social enhancement of many communities.

Increasing the age of dependency was welcome news for many immigrant families. Although the law sadly does not work retroactively, humanitarian and compassionate claims may offer some flexibility for family members who have been left behind.

If you’re part of a family who has adult children that were previously exempt from an application to come to Canada, contact Racer Immigration. As a team of certified immigration consultants, we believe in helping families stay together. Through expert consulting, we can make Canada a viable destination for people around the world. For more, contact Racer Immigration at (778) 688-4848.

Vancouver Immigration Consulting: Chasing the Canadian Dream

Working with a reputable Vancouver immigration consultant or lawyer is important if you plan on immigrating to Canada. As consultants, we receive daily queries on a range of immigration matters. These range from work and study permits to sponsorship applications. But it’s important to note that there are a number of scams being perpetrated by people claiming to be immigration consultants. That’s why It’s incredibly important to find  a reputable company.


It takes more than money to immigrate to Canada. So, if you’re being told that fees are all that’s required, consider it a red flag. In fact, an immigration scam featured on CBC recently discussed a high profile fraud case affecting more than 1600 clients.


In the province of BC, there are two avenues that prospective immigrants can turn to for a fee—Immigration Lawyers and Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


Registered Immigration Consultants are certified and licensed through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which oversees and regulates conduct. When allegations of misconduct are made against registered immigration consultants, a board composed of ICCRC members is authorized to investigate and address the complaints. Moreover, members are bound by a professional code that states they must always act in their client’s best interest.


As a full-service Vancouver immigration consulting firm, we help clients assess the best possible paths for immigration to Canada. Our services also include assisting in application processing and providing support and advice in the face of unforeseen difficulties.


Finding someone to represent immigration matters is quite literally putting your future in someone’s hands. Caution is always advisable. Consider working with a consultant who specializes in your area (i.e. business immigration, family immigration, student immigration). And before choosing a professional, conduct a background review by obtaining references and feedback to ensure there are no red flags.


To learn more about Racer Immigration Consulting, contact us or fill out our convenient Assessment Questionnaire.

Fast-tracking Immigration to Canada for Skilled Workers

Fast track programs like the Global Talent Stream (GTS) and the BC Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Tech Pilot are a tremendous opportunity for skilled workers hoping to expedite immigration to Canada. With Vancouver’s high-tech industry flourishing, these programs are a boon to upcoming businesses that need quick access to highly skilled workers that can occupy positions left unfilled by the Canadian labour market.


There are two categories for bringing highly skilled specialized workers to Canada on an expedited basis. Category A and Category B.


Category B of the GTS features a list of 11 highly skilled hi-tech occupations identified by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) which have been determined to be in demand and for which there are insufficient Canadian workers.


Employers are only eligible for Category A if they have been referred to the GTS by one of IRCC’s designated partners and if they are hiring “unique and specialized” talent.


Generally, potential workers must meet a list of strict prerequisites, including:


  • Advanced or specialized industry knowledge
  • Possession of an advanced degree in an area of specialization of interest related to the employer and/or;
  • A minimum of five years of experience in the field of specialized experience; and
  • A highly paid position with an annual minimum salary $80,000


Sponsoring businesses need to be careful and diligent when applying for worker visas. Besides paying a $1000 GTS application fee per worker up front, it’s vital to demonstrate the legitimacy of a business’s operations, as well as a fiscal ability to support proposed foreign workers. It’s necessary to work with ESDC to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan that demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining business activities that will have a lasting and positive impact on the Canadian market.


Fast-track programs offer businesses an expedited processing timeline of 10 business days. The point is to ensure that important positions can be filled in a timely manner, so it’s much faster than standard processing times for work permit applications. However, as a major stimulus of BC’s economic growth, both levels of government are willing to work to ensure BC businesses have the talent required to sustain performance and growth.


To learn more about the programs implemented by federal and provincial government to help foreign workers and students find secure employment and permanent residency in Canada, contact Racer Immigration Consulting today.


Foreign Workers and LMIA

Foreign Workers and LMIA

Have you found a perfect candidate but a foreigner? Are you having problem filling up a job vacancy? Do you help in hiring a foreign worker? We can help.

Hiring a foreign worker is a 2 step process. First, you must obtain approval to hire a foreign worker by applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Then, after finding a foreign worker, the foreign worker must apply for a work permit. Applying for an LMIA is a very tedious process and this is where we come in to help you.

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