Immigration Consultants in Vancouver: Canada Announces 3-year Permanent Residence for Workers in Agriculture

December 27, 2023

As a company of Canadian Immigration consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration understand the need of people who come to Canada looking for job opportunities and the importance of connecting them to serious employers. Recently, the government of Canada announced the three-year permanent residence pilot program in Canada’s agri-food sector to start at the beginning of 2020.

The main point of this Agri-Food Immigration Pilot program is to help to retain experienced, non-seasonal foreign workers with eligible job offers in the agri-foods industry and agricultural opportunities in the sector.

To get a better sense of the importance of this industry and potential of growth, the agricultural industry exported a record of more than $66 billion in products in 2018. Moreover, this industry sustains 1 in 8 jobs across Canada, however, they are shorted of experienced employees in the meat procession and mushroom production, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) news.

All industries eligible and occupations offered under the new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot program include:

  • Meat processing as retail butcher, industrial butcher, and food processing labourer
  • Harvesting labourer for year-round mushroom production and greenhouse crop production
  • General farm worker for year-round mushroom production, greenhouse crop production, or livestock raising
  • Farm supervisor and specialized livestock worker for meat processing, year-round mushroom production, greenhouse crop production, or livestock raising

Nowadays, farm workers who come to Canada through a Temporary Foreign Worker program for seasonal agricultural jobs, only receive limited-term work permits. In addition, they do not have any pathway to get their permanent residency. That is how the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot comes in hand. 

For the employers, they need to be eligible to join this program, qualified in the meat processing sector, to be issued a two-year Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Moreover, in order to be eligible, business as meat processors should be required to present their plans to support the temporary foreign worker during their process of obtaining permanent residency. 

As an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, our team of experts can help you to understand all the process and check your eligibility to participate. Racer Immigration is pleased to provide advice about permanent residency, skilled work programs, and other possible options. 

Visit the Canadian Immigration Consultants of Racer Immigration at or schedule a consultation at (778) 410-7988 to learn more.

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