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Vancouver-Based Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants – Who We Are

We are a full service Vancouver immigration and business consulting firm with a focus on helping assess the most viable way for our clients to immigrate to Canada.
Our services include assistance with the application process and overcoming difficulties should they arise. We also provide representation for our clients in the event of serious immigration problems. Please Note **We Do Not Provide Asylum Or Refugee Sponsorship Services**


Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship to Vancouver

Bringing Family Members from Their Country of Origin to Canada

Business Immigration in Vancouver

Business Services to Support Foreign Entrepreneurship

Recruitment, LMIA and other Employer Services

LMIA Application Assistance, Express Entry, and the Provincial Nominee Program for Foreign Employees



LMIA Application Assistance, Caregiver Search and Selection Service

Students in Vancouver

Study Permits and Visas for Foreign Students


For Employers

We provide help in the processing of LMIA and conduct thorough searches for foreign skilled workers, especially within the manufacturing, technology and hotel sectors.

For Business Immigrants

Our extensive business experience allows us to offer business consulting services for immigrants who are entrepreneurs. We have the expertise to advise our clients on many different business matters including business set up and referrals to improve their opportunities for success in Canada.

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