Study Permit Canada, Canadian Student Visa Requirements, How To Apply for a Student Visa

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Canada enjoys one of the best educational standards in the world. Because of this, the country is very attractive to international students due to its much lower cost in comparison with the United States. Canadian law requires a foreign student to be in possession of a study permit in order to register in a Canadian educational facility. The requirements to obtain a study permit are as follows:

  • Acceptance into a school in Canada
  • Proof of adequate funds to pay tuition and living expenses in Canada during the permitted stay
  • A thorough physical examination documenting health and wellness

What Expectations Does the Canadian Government Place on Foreign Students?

Though lengthier educational stays necessitate an application for a study permit, study periods less than six months are exempt from this policy.

During an approved stay in Canada, a foreign student may work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during school days and 40 hours per week during school breaks.

Upon graduation, foreign students may apply for a post graduate work permit and eventually apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class Express Entry. Foreign students may also submit an application for permanent residence via the Provincial Nominee Program. Depending on the PNP program and acquired Canadian education credentials, a job offer may or may not be necessary to fulfill the requirements for eligibility for this program.
Racer provides assistance in obtaining first time study permits or with extending existing ones. We can also help with procuring a post graduate work permit and permanent residency application.

Why Hire Us?

Racer recognizes that when it comes to international students seeking a study permit for entrance into a Canadian school, time is of the essence. We make it our priority to provide our valued customers with the most direct and cost-effective route to obtaining the required study permits for educational opportunities in Canada.

  • A Peace of Mind: Juggling studies with the immigration process, and the pressure of finding a job placement to secure your permanent residency is not a simple matter. Let Racer simplify and provide clarity on the process so you can focus on the important matters and not miss any deadlines.

We provide the following services for our Canadian clients:

  • Legal representation in government matters
  • Customized immigration solutions to meet each client’s needs
  • Strategic immigration planning
  • Cost-effective services and affordable payment plans
  • Hands-on assistance for each step of the process
  • Support to resolve any issue that arises

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