News from Racer Immigration Consultants in Vancouver: Province issues new funding to support local businesses international recruitment

Racer Immigration, a company of Canadian Immigration consultants, focus on helping people to find the best pathways to reach their permanent residence in Canada. We also know the struggle that Canadian businesses are facing nowadays with the shortage of skilled workers in their companies.

To deal with the scenario of labour shortages, for example, Quebec government issued new funding method to support businesses recruit temporary foreign workers. This action from the government brings another good opportunity for immigrants to settle in Canada. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), nowadays, Quebec is facing the highest job vacancy rates among Canada’s provinces.

Therefore, the Government of Quebec will fund around $21 million to support businesses in their recruitment process and integration of temporary foreign workers into their companies. With this help, the Government is estimating to support almost 2,000 Quebec businesses in their international recruitment efforts.

As part of this initiative, the funding will also support two programs in the province dedicated to working with temporary foreign workers to help them to integrate into Quebec’s labour market. The referred programs are PRIME – Programme d’aide à l’intégration des immigrants et des minorités visibles and IPOP – Programme d’intégration en employ de personnes fomées à l’étranger référées par un odre professionnel.

There is an estimate provided by the Quebec province’s chambers of commerce federation that says that the province needs about 60,000 immigrants per year to support the local economy to grow and to reduce the businesses labour shortages.

Although details of this funding have yet to be fleshed out to start to work for the businesses recruitment, this funding could represent an excellent opportunity for those people who want to work and live in Canada.

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Canadian Business Association requires solutions to address labour shortages through immigration programs

Only in the second quarter of 2019, 429,000 jobs went unfulfilled in Canada. Racer Immigration, a Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver, has learned that these vacancy work opportunities hold the country’s development and businesses to strive with the skilled labour shortage.

British Columbia and Quebec are the provinces with the highest vacancy rates in the private sector corresponding to 3.9 percent. To get a better understanding, Quebec had 116,000 jobs positions unfilled and British Columbia 74,700, according to the report of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

When it comes to industry, the shortages are higher in the personal services industry, construction industry, hospitality sector, followed by agriculture, enterprise management, professional services, and health services around the country.

To tackle this issue, the Canadian government holds several immigration programs to help connect employers and businesses with highly skilled workers looking to immigrate to Canada. As a team of Immigration Consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration is well prepared to advise those people who wish to work and stay in Canada through one of the immigration programs supported by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) such as:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class

There are also different provincial nominee programs developed for each province to support employers to find skilled workers to join their businesses and grow the economy.

Another part of the process of hiring international talents required is the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a document that employers in Canada need to provide in order to demonstrate that the business has a need for a foreign worker to fill the job position that no qualified Canadians were passed up in favor of a foreign worker.

It might be daunting the process to find a program that supports your pathway as a worker to a permanent residence. The team at Racer Immigration Consultants in Vancouver know the difficult and is more than happy to advise you about the best possibilities. To learn more, visit our website or contact our team to book a meeting at (778) 688-4848.

Immigration Consultants in Vancouver: Canada Announces 3-year Permanent Residence for Workers in Agriculture

As a company of Canadian Immigration consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration understand the need of people who come to Canada looking for job opportunities and the importance of connecting them to serious employers. Recently, the government of Canada announced the three-year permanent residence pilot program in Canada’s agri-food sector to start at the beginning of 2020.

The main point of this Agri-Food Immigration Pilot program is to help to retain experienced, non-seasonal foreign workers with eligible job offers in the agri-foods industry and agricultural opportunities in the sector.

To get a better sense of the importance of this industry and potential of growth, the agricultural industry exported a record of more than $66 billion in products in 2018. Moreover, this industry sustains 1 in 8 jobs across Canada, however, they are shorted of experienced employees in the meat procession and mushroom production, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) news.

All industries eligible and occupations offered under the new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot program include:

  • Meat processing as retail butcher, industrial butcher, and food processing labourer
  • Harvesting labourer for year-round mushroom production and greenhouse crop production
  • General farm worker for year-round mushroom production, greenhouse crop production, or livestock raising
  • Farm supervisor and specialized livestock worker for meat processing, year-round mushroom production, greenhouse crop production, or livestock raising

Nowadays, farm workers who come to Canada through a Temporary Foreign Worker program for seasonal agricultural jobs, only receive limited-term work permits. In addition, they do not have any pathway to get their permanent residency. That is how the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot comes in hand. 

For the employers, they need to be eligible to join this program, qualified in the meat processing sector, to be issued a two-year Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Moreover, in order to be eligible, business as meat processors should be required to present their plans to support the temporary foreign worker during their process of obtaining permanent residency. 

As an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, our team of experts can help you to understand all the process and check your eligibility to participate. Racer Immigration is pleased to provide advice about permanent residency, skilled work programs, and other possible options. 

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How Regional Immigration Pilot Programs Support Labour Needs of Employer

Canada is a country in full expansion, looking for ways to bring skilled workers to support different industries and boost the country development. For example, now the government is promoting community consultations to propose regional immigration pilot to bring skilled foreign workers to rural and smaller communities. By now, these studies are being developed in communities in Ontario. 

As an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, the team members at Racer Immigration knows that immigration is an essential factor to support Canada growth. This proposal that is being conducted in Ontario is already a possibility for workers in the federal government’s new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. 

Regions such as Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are part of the federal pilot program which aims to work with smaller rural and remote communities in these provinces, attracting foreign workers with different skills levels. In addition to filling work positions with a qualified workforce, this program also provides to workers with permanent residence. 

Another example of program aligned with the main objective of allowing skilled workers to come to Canada and go to a pathway to their permanent residence is the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot. The two-year pilot is designed to be a new immigration pathway for foreign nationals looking to start and run a new business in smaller communities in BC. In addition, it is an attempt to distribute the economic benefits of immigration to British Columbia more evenly across the province. 

As a team of immigration consultants in Vancouver, Racer Immigration has highly skilled consultants to advise those who are looking to immigrate to Canada and understand the possibilities. For example, it is important to understand the eligibility for these models of pilot programs in order to explore the best ways and connections between employees and employers. 

In the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot, the applicant after running the business successfully in agreement with all requirements may submit a final report to be allowed to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence. 

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More than 500,000 jobs unfilled across Canada, according to Statistics Canada

The number of job vacancies in Canada increased in the first three months of 2019, accordingly to Statistics Canada. The institution said that almost 80% of the openings jobs were for permanent positions. As an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, the team members at Racer Immigration comprehend that immigration is a crucial factor to support healthy economic growth in Canada. As a business in Vancouver, we can help you fill those job positions with immigration workers.  

The report states that in the first quarter of 2019, job vacancies reached more than 500,000, an increase of more than 40,000 opened positions over the same period in 2018. One of the reasons that employers are facing labor shortages is the country’s aging population.

In order to tackle this challenge, the federal government made the decision to support programs regarding immigration in Canada to raise immigration levels over the next three years. The government believes that this strategy might be the key component to growth the country, by having the majority of newcomers expected through economic-class immigration programs.

According to Statistics Canada, almost half of the stunning job vacancies were spread across three main sectors:  

  • Health care and Social assistance Manufacturing and Accommodation Food Services 
  • Manufacturing and Accommodation 
  • Food Services

For instance, Ontario suffered from the greatest increases in the health care and social assistance, retail trade, professional, scientific and technical services, and accommodation and food services sectors.   

Suffering the same job shortage issue, British Columbia had 9,300 job vacancies arisen by the growth in transportation and warehousing and scientific and technical services. 

Statistics Canada report held that almost 80% of job vacancies in the referred period were for permanent positions, which means jobs that are expected to last as long as the employee wants it. According to the institution, permanent employment “is often associated with higher wages, more benefits, and training offer by the employer than temporary employment”. 

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Vancouver Immigration Consultants share Canada’s New Caregiver Immigration Pilots

As a company of Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration understands that many of the people who come to Canada looking for job opportunities are also considering knowing and learning about pathways to get the permanent residence. This month, our team are happy to share with you great news for caregivers.   

Canada is accepting applications to its 2 new caregiver immigration pilot programs: 

  • the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and,
  • Home Support Worker Pilot. 

Both pilot programs provide eligible caregivers a pathway to permanent residence after they have acquired two years of Canadian work experience.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) news, these two new pilots programs intend to provide work permits to caregivers who meet some criteria, such as:

  • To prove Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 in English or French;  
  • One year of Canadian post-secondary education or the foreign equivalent;
  • To be admissible to Canada;
  • To have a job offer in Canada. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said the new pilots will provide “a clear transition from temporary to permanent status” for those people who work as caregivers and their families.   

Other updates that these new pilots are bringing include changes in the work permits, allowing caregivers to have occupation-specific work permit instead of employer-specific work permit which giving them the flexibility to change employers; the family members of the caregiver employee will be entitled to open work permits and/or study permits.

Racer Immigration knows that all this information can be quite confusing and overwhelming. As an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, our team of experts can help you understand all these possibilities. Racer Immigration is happy to advise those intending or undertaking this caregiver immigration process.     

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How to study in Canada

The Canadian education system is ranked among the best in the world in the last years, being in the seventh position among other countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Finland. Moreover, in the last census in 2016, more than half (54%) of Canadians aged more than 25 had either college or university qualifications, accordingly to Statistics Canada.

With such impressive numbers, it is easy to understand why Canada is the first option for many people who want to pursue a high qualification through studies. As a group of Vancouver Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration is here to support you through your process to study in one of the best-educated countries in the world.

If you are planning to get high education in Canada, such as a bachelor or post-graduation, you will need to fill some requirements and apply for visa and study permit. As part of the requirements, you need to have all the requirements that the college or university that you are applying requests. In a positive scenario, your college or university will provide you a document named “Letter of Acceptance” (LOA).

After you have the LOA, it is time to apply for your visa and study permit. Keep in mind that these processes are two different things. The visa is your permission to enter in Canada for a limited period that may vary from case to case.

The permit is another different document. You will receive your permit accordingly your intention declared when you requested your visa to enter in Canada. Thus, for a study permit, the immigration officer issues it when you arrive in the country, in the immigration process. The immigration officer will check your visa and other important documents and after everything checked, your study permit will be issued, allowing you to study for a determined period.

We from Racer Immigration know that this process might be overwhelming for you. That’s why we are here to support you and your plans to successes. To meet with an Immigration Advisor in Vancouver, contact Racer Immigration at (778) 688-4848 or visit

Vancouver Immigration Consultants: Tech workers increase chances to Canadian permanent residence

As a group of Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration understands that many of people who come to Canada pursuing a better life are also looking for a better future, being interested in pathways to permanent residence. We’re more than happy to help you to build this future.

At the beginning of June, we receive great news to support workers in Canada. The province of British Columbia extended Tech Pilot Program until June 2020, accordingly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Tech Pilot is the province’s immigrant nominee program which provides a fast track to Canadian permanent residence for international tech workers in 29 eligible tech occupations.

For this program, the tech worker must receive the job offer for at least one year in duration and have at least 120 days remaining on it at the time of application. The BC PNP explained that they extended the pilot program in order to provide BC tech employers with the continued ability to recruit and retain international talent.

Therefore, eligible candidates in the Skilled Workers and International Graduates categories of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)’s Skill Immigration and Express Entry streams can expect invitations to apply in weekly draws.

Moreover, candidates who apply to Express Entry program and receive a provincial nomination from British Columbia, receive an additional 600 points toward their ranking score, making a great difference in the pool and increasing the chances to receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

It seems that all this information is quite difficult to digest and understand. That’s the reason why Canadian Immigration Consultants in Vancouver are here to support you. In order to not miss this opportunity that might perfectly suit your profile, you can count on Racer Immigration to help you to understand all the requirements and submit an assertive and correct application. Visit our team at or schedule a consultation at (778) 688-4848.

Immigrants Creating Jobs in Canada, according to Statistics Canada

As a group of Vancouver Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration knows that many people immigrate to Canada with the hope of creating better lives for themselves and their families. While popular rhetoric among certain groups likes to frame immigrants as people who put a burden on the system, new information from Statistics Canada says that immigrant-owned firms actually create more net jobs and have higher growth than those with Canadian-born owners.

During the period of the study (2003 to 2013) it was found that companies owned by immigrant entrepreneurs accounted for a quarter of all new jobs created in the private sector, even though they just represented 17% of firms.

“Based on the raw data, immigrant-owned firms had a higher level of net job creation per firm, and were more likely to be high-growth firms than those with Canadian-born owners,” the study reports.

It also noted, however, that much of this was due to the fact that immigrant-owned companies were younger (three quarters of immigrant-owned companies were less than ten years old, as opposed to half that were run by someone Canadian born), and younger companies grow faster and create jobs at a higher rate than older firms.

After several years in Canada, immigrants had a higher propensity to be business owners than the Canadian-born population.

“In 2012, 90 percent of firms owned by immigrants who had lived in Canada for five years were young firms,” the report reads. “Only among immigrant owners who had lived in Canada for over 30 years did the proportion of young firms in 2012 approach that of Canadian-born owners, at roughly 29 percent.”

Although the data from this study ends in 2013, the information still provides a useful tool in understanding the role of immigrant entrepreneurs in the Canadian economy.

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Canadian Immigrants Targeted by Fraudsters

As a team of immigration consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration warn would-be immigrants to Canada to be wary of fraudsters who are travelling abroad.

In one shocking example, a regulated Canadian immigration consultant of Iranian decent returning to the Canadian embassy in Turkey was mistaken for someone looking for a way into Canada by a couple of street hawkers.

She was told that, for $25,000 or more, these men would get her to an immigration professional who would guarantee her a visitor or student visa so she could be well on her way to obtaining a Canadian passport.

This was just one example of how people abroad sometimes claim to be immigration experts to try and prey on the desperate and vulnerable. Even worse, they don’t even provide the correct information, dooming the hopeful immigrant to starting the process all over again.

“This is a huge business,” the consultant said. “And what disturbs me is that many are in it for the money in Canada. They’re playing with people’s lives.”

Some people who pose as immigration specialists tell desperate people they will eventually get a Canadian passport, but only provide a study or visitor’s visa, which has limited use. Some are also falsely telling clients they can finagle them status as a refugee.

The stories of these unfortunate victims are often the same, ending in disaster. These so-called immigration specialists make promises they can’t deliver on, and by the time the problems are discovered, the victims are in a position where even the best professionals can no longer help them. That’s why it’s important for people to find a respectable Canadian immigration advisor who has their best interests at heart.

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