Canadian Immigrants Targeted by Fraudsters

As a team of immigration consultants in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration warn would-be immigrants to Canada to be wary of fraudsters who are travelling abroad.

In one shocking example, a regulated Canadian immigration consultant of Iranian decent returning to the Canadian embassy in Turkey was mistaken for someone looking for a way into Canada by a couple of street hawkers.

She was told that, for $25,000 or more, these men would get her to an immigration professional who would guarantee her a visitor or student visa so she could be well on her way to obtaining a Canadian passport.

This was just one example of how people abroad sometimes claim to be immigration experts to try and prey on the desperate and vulnerable. Even worse, they don’t even provide the correct information, dooming the hopeful immigrant to starting the process all over again.

“This is a huge business,” the consultant said. “And what disturbs me is that many are in it for the money in Canada. They’re playing with people’s lives.”

Some people who pose as immigration specialists tell desperate people they will eventually get a Canadian passport, but only provide a study or visitor’s visa, which has limited use. Some are also falsely telling clients they can finagle them status as a refugee.

The stories of these unfortunate victims are often the same, ending in disaster. These so-called immigration specialists make promises they can’t deliver on, and by the time the problems are discovered, the victims are in a position where even the best professionals can no longer help them. That’s why it’s important for people to find a respectable Canadian immigration advisor who has their best interests at heart.

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