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Business Immigration To Canada

Please Note **We Do Not Provide Asylum Or Refugee Sponsorship Services**

Canada is in need of business people with a passion to create jobs that will assist with stimulating the country’s economy. Although the federal entrepreneur and investor visa are no longer available, business owners can immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program for Business.

Provincial Nominee Program for Businesses (PNP for Businesses)

For most business people, the Provincial Nominee Program for Businesses is the best fit.  Every province has its own unique set of requirements. The PNP program involves multiple steps. Some provinces also require that the candidate first obtain a work permit to qualify for a nomination following approval of the business venture.

After the nomination, the candidate must then apply for permanent residency in Canada. Since PNP requirements differ from province to province, one on one consultation with each candidate allows Racer to determine the correct program and necessary steps that must be taken to obtain acceptance into the program.  

We assist businesses with the Provincial Nomination Program in the following provinces:

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Yukon
  • Northwest Territory

Other Streams Related to Business Immigration

  • Owner operator stream: Buying a business to immigrate to Canada
  • Self Employed Visa

Buying a Business to Immigrate to Canada

Foreign investors who are looking to immigrate to Canada with their immediate families can buy an existing business in Canada as part of their application. The investors can then apply for a work visa as a management level employee under the federal Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program.

For PNP and Business Immigration, we can assist the client in:

  • finding businesses for purchase
  • creating professional business plans for business immigration
  • Providing business guidance and possibly contacts to help you succeed in Canada.

Self Employed Visa

Self employed people come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most are experienced in the fields of the Arts, Sports, and Culture. Their expertise helps to enrich the Canadian landscape with their diverse skill set and international perspective. To qualify for the Self Employed Visa, there is a set of criteria each candidate must complete within a five year period prior to the submission of an application. These requirements include French or English language proficiency, appropriate educational requirements, and the demonstration of an ability to adapt to the Canadian lifestyle.

For those seeking to purchase a farm in Canada, the Canadian government requires a minimum of two years of farm management experience.

Racer Immigration consultants are well connected in the business community in Canada. We can help you identify and connect with profitable businesses which you can acquire and use to eventually get your permanent residence.

Why Hire Us?

Racer recognizes that when it comes to a foreign company owner bringing a new business to Canada, time is of the essence. We make it our priority to provide our valued customers with the most direct and cost-effective route to navigating through the selection of Canadian entrepreneurship programs to select the appropriate one for each prospective business owner’s needs. We then help with procuring the correct documentation for the candidate to begin transitioning their business idea from simply a hope to a fulfilled dream in Canada.

  • Reduce Complexity: Rules around immigration is tedious, complex and ever changing. Racer is here to help you navigate through the entire immigration progress so you can get a peace of mind, knowing that expert help is always with you.
  • Reduce Risk: Business immigration is different in other immigration methods since it involves a significant amount of capital investment. This extra moving part naturally increases the risk in the process. Racer has the experience to identify any risks and issues early on for the client.

We provide the following services for our Canadian clients:

  • Legal representation in government matters
  • Customized immigration solutions to meet each client’s needs
  • Strategic immigration planning
  • Cost-effective services and affordable payment plans
  • Hands-on assistance for each step of the process
  • Support to resolve any issue that arises

For assistance or advice, please contact Racer Immigration Consulting Inc. at (778) 688-4848 or for all Canadian business immigration questions.

Business Immigration To Canada